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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The idea for Pixie

I want to talk a little about my book. Pixie the cat came to me back in 2007 I believe. I actually wrote the first draft of the first short story for a class. I got a little flack for writing a story for kids in an Intro to Fiction class at my university, but Pixie never left my thoughts. Mind you, that first draft was vastly different; it's certainly been through many changes.

I left the young cat aside while I worked on other projects and didn't think about him again until March 2011, several months into volunteering at an animal shelter. I wanted to make a bigger difference, and also establish myself as a writer.

So I thought again of Pixie and decided that the orange tabby needed a book of his own, to live somewhere outside my head. Motivated by my love of animals, I decided that I would donate a substantial amount of all royalties made to help save real life cats and/or dogs.

Which brings me to today, where my book sits waiting on its Amazon page, hoping to get noticed. And maybe, Pixie will get to help a cat or two.

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